A new year, a new challenge!

We keep working on making the difference in motorsport equipment. This has been our focus during more than 30 years and this still is our focuss for this new year. with our usual style, made of concreteness and commitment.

In this intense winter period, in which we are preparing new projects and/or services for equipment that will be engaged in the most prestigious championships, we wish you an amazing 2020, full of satisfactions, passion and results.

Happy new year!

Breda Racing Air Jacks have been chosen by top teams in the most prestigious worldwide championships.

Now, a new and specific air jack has been developped based on the very particular needs and way of working of the Formula E Gen 2 car.

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As in all our air jacks, this equipment is always supplied with specific attachment,  ready to be used and full accessorized.   It’s simple. It’s Breda Racing 


A new enlargement phase allow us to start the 2020 with new spaces for increasing company needs. The objective is always the same: More space and more organization, in order to offer higher efficiency.

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Young people are important for us and we believe in them, so, we want to introduce their digital era vision in our teamwork but also to share with them our experience.

In view of a weighted but steady company growth we offer a STAGE to:

A Diplomated or Graduated in Mechanical Engineering or High School Mecchanical Diplomated with good skills in Autocad and SolidWorks (mandatory).

Also mandatory: Good relationship and teamworking skills, Native English mother tongue or very high level of written and speaking English (C2), resident in the Padua or Vicenza areas or intending to live here for a long while.

Motorsport interest would be appreciated.

This internship and other in our company are always aimed at a subsequent inclusion in the company workforce.

Please send your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The first, the most numerous, the best seller... one of the first Breda Racing equipment was the Air Jack.

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Our Waterjet cutting department has been integrated with Laser Cutting machines.

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Its nickname is EAE Trolley and it's the new born among our newest equipment range.

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It seems incredible, but during these last years it seemed as if customers spoke among one another...

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It's easy to say: 30 years. It's already been 30 years. But they were 25 the day before yesterday... Well, we are in 2018! Happy New Year!

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Over 8 years of continuous development and optimization of our Fuel Rig allowed us to reach the F1 championship and each year this product is more requested.

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In addition to those already present in F1 and DTM championships, other Pit Gantries can be seen in F1 and F2 pitlanes.

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Who would have thought that one of our Breda Sport cars would ever travel to America?

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Thanks to the technical collaboration with Dallara, we present the SKATES for the Dallara LMP2 2017.

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