Set Up equipment time...

It seems incredible, but during these last years it seemed as if customers spoke among one another...

This latest season seems to be the time for the Set Up equipment: Set Up Wheels with or without integrated load cells, Set Up Pads with or without load cells depending on the choice taken for the wheels, Front and Rear Ride Height and Toe Bars in carbon fibre equipped with digital gauges, Zimmers... During these last seasons our designers have been working to design this kind of equipment for Formula 3.5 V8, GP3, F3, GT, Blancpain, TCR, WTCC, DTM but also for F1.

Now, in this 2018 pre-season, our engineers are working on some new settings for F1 and are finishing the Whole Set Up equipment project for the new F2 Dallara 2018 car, to be ready for first tests in Paul Ricard circuit. 

Even more, there will also be the new set-up equipment for the new 2017 LMP2 Dallara car and other equipment related to this car, including Skates to easily move the car. This equipment debuted in the IMSA championship 2017 obtaining "its first victory" and second place in Daytona 24H 2017 race with the US teams Wayne Taylor and Action Express, both equipped with our setup equipment (see the full range Set Up) and both continued to obtain very good placements during the whole season.

It's also the time of the Refuelling systems: Our Basic model and our Fuel Rig Top Series are present in many top-level championships including F1, in which it has been present for some seasons (see the full range Refuelling)

Regarding organizers .. Weighing systems: Integrable or Mobile Systems and Drivers Scales. Several championships have chosen our Ultra flat Weighing systems. 

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Thanks to the collaboration with our partners, the equipment is supplied in flight cases that are customized to the requested distribution, and those for championship organizers are provided with TV, touch, printer and wiring loom to be used as a workstation.