Air Jack new series, allways the best

The first, the most numerous, the best seller... one of the first Breda Racing equipment was the Air Jack.

During the 30 years of the company activity, our lifters have been renewed several times. The result of this long experience and of our commitment to excellence, combines in this newest equipment series.

The Light model – series born in 2012 for the specific need to have a very light air jack – has already left space for a first restyling. In fact, it has been replaced by the new UltraLight, even lighter but which can lift more weight. After, it was time for the New Classic series that had been designed to replace our best seller model. The project renews the lift that is now lighter than the previous model and, as for the UltraLight, it allows the air jack to lift more weight.

The restilyng includes also raw materials that have been renewed, aiming always to the top and for both projects, they were carried out following the CE standards for safety.

The new series are "working" in the most prestigious championships and it's one of our most requested equipment, following the steps of the previous models, considered the absolutely best air jack by our customers. Besides, from some years also the US championships discovered this equipment and it can be seen in IMSA, Indy, IndiLight and other 

For the season 2018, the New Classic Air Jack for Formula E season 5 car was developed with specific attachment for the very particular needs of this championship with the new Gen 2 car. It was a challenge as it required a specific project, not really previewed and really surprising, considering that the Formula E in the end it's a "only" a formula car...

But our line does not stop here... Although less known, our special models to lift cars from the wheel, with the proper fittings, are also always designed specifically for the car in which they will be used, as for the Porsche RSR. Or models with dual piston to raise special cars, higher models upon the customer requirements or preferences ... or simply Air Jack with piston covered with carbon fiber cover as the F1 line.

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As for all our equipment, our Air Jacks are supplied with specific attachment for the customer’s car and not only (see our full Air Jacks range with specific details in the page Air Jack), because we can also adapt the equipment to the team’s specific way of working. Moreover, they are equipped with the necessary accessories and fittings, to ensure that the customer receives the equipment ready to be used immediately and to make the team's work easy.