Air Jack

Our pneumatic lifters are the product of our long experience in Motorsport and have been totally restyled following the CE procedure, respecting its indications and paying particular attention to the user’s safety as well as the car safety.

For Formula cars we suggest the following models:

- NEW Ultralight  and  F1: weight lifting 500Kg each. Standard stroke 600mm or special 700mm

- NEW Classic: weight lifting 600kg each. Standard stroke 600mm or special 700mm. Or the newest proposal for Formula E Gen 2 car H800mm.

They are proposed with different attachment kits in function of the car/championship.  In cases of single car model as the F1 and Hypercar, the attachement can be specifically developed.  

- NEW Classic SPECIAL depending on the car weight; weight lifting to confirm according to the kind of attachment; In this series, it can be found the newest series for LMDh and LMH cars.

Classic GT-Wheel, to be positioned in the 4 wheels.

- Dual Piston or Customized model for specific car projects.

The equipment is always supplied with its necessary accessories and fittings, to ensure that the customer receives the equipment ready to be used immediately.


All lifters can be supplied with flight case for 1 couple or for 2 couples, specifically manufactured to store this equipment . All filghtcases are produced by our partners that are renowned companies, specialized in this kind of accessories.