30 anni


The challenge of combining the past and the future

During the 70s a young Giorgio Breda began his adventure in the so called “motorsport world”. At first, he entered this world as a mechanic, becoming then also a track technician for various teams. In that period, his brother  Roberto Breda who was only a teenager, decided to follow his brother’s footsteps becoming a mechanic in turn. Nevertheless, taking into account that motorsport world is both fascinating and unsettled and considering the human need to settle down, it was drawn the conclusion, by ensuring to do not leave the racing sector, to found a company: that’s how, in few words, Breda Racing history began.

At the same time, Giorgio continued his career as a race car engineer, team manager, and partner of two racing teams: “Il Barone Rampante (IBR)” and “Mythos”. All those around him, including his student son and the Breda Racing staff, were trundled along into these adventures. Therefore, there are technicians among our “older” company’s personnel who were involved with those teams.
The ‘90s marked an important period for our company – the wish to create and achieve something unique, characteristic and projected with our criteria, led us to the development and production of a Sport Carwhich would have been competing in hill climbing races. This has been a project which required us considerable efforts. Nevertheless, after various difficult years, attempting to honour all the sacrifices made, the Breda Racing was forced to make an important decision. In the view of keep moving forward, pushing through boundaries, we had to decide which should have been the right choice which would has led us to become even more greater in our sector. During this period, there were two aspect to take into account: on one hand, the production of racing equipment and components was increasing, while on the other hand, the market for sports cars was declining. It was high time to make a choice: at this point car’s production had been gradually abandoned but we continued to give maintenance support to. Nowadays there are a handful of Breda’s cars which are still competing, one of which is in the USA.

During this period, the concept to expand and invest for the future, led us to another important decision which brought us to start a new partnership with Massimo Rizzo. The decision, born during a difficult moment for the company, opened a huge door for the future of the company itself. As far as this new partner is concerned, it gave us the possibility to our company to move forward, to create the current industrial unit.  At that time, when prudence was in the air, it seemed to be a huge step to do but after a few years the workshop had to be enlarged again.

The main wish to follow this pathway – looking at the past as a stepping stone for all the experience given, without missing it, even if with some regrets – without stopping keeping growing continuously, looking at the future positively, is now, more than ever, in Breda Racing and its management staff member’s intentions.

In 2018, we celebrated our  30 years anniversary.30 years of passion for motorsport, with which we keep pursuing our main aim: a well-done job. In order to achieve this, we put quality, balance, reliability, tenacity, commitment, determination, challenge... on the same level. Such different qualities all combined allow us to go ahead, expanding and transforming our organization without making any sudden changes and keeping intact the principles and passion for motorsport that led to the company’s foundation. In a nutshell, our driving force for all these years.