Breda Racing has two main obsessions: Quality and Well-Done Work. Whoever knows us, also knows that we have some other features representing the personal touch that distinguishes us: the care we give to every customer, to every shipment, to every equipment, and the almost maniacal attention for details...  This puzzle represents a challenge but we are used to it as we have Motorsport challenges in our blood.

From 1988 , this vision of the work has driven us investing time and efforts in every single moment.  At the same time, achieving high-level results led us to believe more and more in dreams and to apply that famous phrase of Walt Disney – "All of our dreams can become reality if we have the courage to pursue them" – to every project we take to heart. With this courage and with the motivation coming from already achieved results in mind, we are working harder to make new ones coming true. And we can assure you that when we say "to work" we refer to the full meaning of the word "work". Each person of our team knows what being involved in motorsport means, especially from Autumn to Spring but not only.  Actually,  when championships stop is our turn to start creating new projects,  modifing  the equipment  or servicing it. And "winter" times at our disposal are always so tight but when the championships restart our hard work continues in a full-time loop.

Nevertheless, day by day we ratify our choices continue giving greater importance to quality and competence of each company working area, to the care of customer’s needs, to professionalism, to transparency with relationships and to the magic ingredient that connects everything: the ever-present Passion, with capital P, which guarantees our commitment in order to give always the best part of us and which allows us to succeed in this crazy puzzle.

Welcome to our world!                                                                                      

Giorgio & Roberto Breda