Pit stop Gantries

Internally we call them "Big Monsters"

The first units were projected for F1 and DTM. From several years, new Pit Gantries can be seen in F1 and F2 pitlanes.With or without Traffic Lights, single or double pole, fix or to be towed as a trolley... Different choices for each team, also based on different needs and depending on the championship, each of these Pit Gantries are unique.For this kind of "Big Monsters" our Technical Department is always active, particularly during the previous season and then during the winter pre-season, designing this important equipment, which shows again our ability to include multiple demands through a continuous dialogue with the customer’s technical staff and by working with our partners network.

In fact, the carbon fibre is the first visual element that distinguishes this impressive equipment, apart from all supports and poles for video cameras and traffic lights. But for professionals in the track, the practical details and the protective covers are important accessories in this equipment, which is continuously assembled and disassembled.