30 Years Anniversary

It's easy to say: 30 years.

It's already been 30 years.

But they were 25 the day before yesterday... Well, we are in 2018! Happy New Year!

This year Breda Racing will turn 30 and we realize that time flew… as it happens when it is passion that drives what we are doing. Yes, passion, that magical ingredient that transforms every choice and that is essential for those who work in Motorsport. And in Breda Racing here we are, proud of our passion, proud of these 30 years and of the results we reached.

On this important anniversary, we thank everyone we met on our journey during these three decades: those who are at our side, those who for many reasons have taken different paths and even those who no longer are there but whose souls will always be with us; to everyone, an immense THANK YOU for what each of you has brought and continues to bring into our lives.

In this 2018, we continue what Giorgio and Roberto Breda started 30 years ago in that so distant 1988. Together with them, we reiterate that wonderful and sometimes impossible mix of passion and commitment that has become our company’s philosophy and that helped us to grow and transform ourselves by welcoming and successfully overcoming the continuous challenges.

Once again THANK YOU to everyone.