zana e tutti abc


Breda Racing heart is with you, Alex.

We fight with you and wait for seeing you here with us again!

Mechanical Engineering STAGE

Young people are important for us and

we believe in them, so, we want to introduce their digital era vision in our teamwork but also to share with them our experience.

In view of a weighted but steady company growth we offer a STAGE to:

A Diplomated or Graduated in Mechanical Engineering or High School Mecchanical Diplomated with good skills in Autocad and SolidWorks (mandatory).

Also mandatory: Good relationship and teamworking skills, Native English mother tongue or very high level of written and speaking English (C2), resident in the Padua or Vicenza areas or intending to live here for a long while.

Motorsport interest would be appreciated.

This internship and other in our company are always aimed at a subsequent inclusion in the company workforce.

Please send your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.