Our machinery and highly qualified operators, along with the important collaboration of our external partners, allow us to meet the various needs of an increasingly demanding market.

Our commitment to excellence brought us to a recently re-organization of the productive spaces by a loft extension around 500m in order to have larger working and storage areas. Furthermore, they have been fitted with air-conditioning system for more comfortable working conditions, but also to secure a temperature’ stabilization allowing an enhancement in precision.

Our Production area is divided in two branches:

Components: They are usually produced in 15CDV6, grade 5 Titanium, Alloy 7075 and other high-quality raw materials. Car parts are produced exclusively for the client, with a confidentiality agreement, and are assembled in the most important motorsports cars produced by Italian manufacturers but also some European ones.

The production process of each component begins with a 2D or 3D drawing provided by the customer. Regarding components produced with CNC machinery, the process includes CAD programming, production and treatments as required by the customer. For the welded components, parallel to the preparation of each single component, there is the design and manufacturing of the working and welding jigs. Once all the single components have been produced, we proceed with TIG welding. Then, the welded part is laid in a special oven before going through other phases: sanding, painting, high precision final works.

All the components are inspected through accurate dimensional and visual control and, if required, through penetrant liquids and/or other special checks, along with the laser marking.

Equipment: Totally or partially designed by our Technical department, it is manufacturedthrough all our internal production departments, involving more and more our external partners to provide complex, complete and high-performing equipment that will reach the most important motorsport championships around the world.

Our "standard" equipment is produced according to our own designs, but always adapted to the customer's car. For this reason, we work in pull production, so equipment cannot be manufactured and kept in stock but it is produced for the customer in a relative short time, in response to a specific demand.

Even further, special equipment, which is produced based on the customer’s design or developed by our  Design engineers, is tailored to the customer’s order, and provided only for him with total and absolute confidentiality, in the same way as when we manufacture specific parts.