Our commitment to excellence brought us to a complete re-organization of the productive spaces in order to have larger working and storage areas and a new and a more extensive productive area for the Cutting division.  

The main productive area is divided in Welding that has always been one of our excellences, CNC machining 3-5 axles, Bending, Laser marking and two Assembling areas, one separated for the equipment with electronics and software. WaterJet and Laser Cutting are now in a different division, next to the main building. 

A part the machinery, the key to reach our objectives is the large experience of our staff.  People with vaste experience in motorsport, in the track and in the productive arts, used to specific needs and precision of this particular world. This make the difference to quick and deep understand of each part or equipment and of each customer, allowing us to customize practically all our production, both for Components for the most important motorsport Italian and European manufacturers but overall for the large range of Equipment. 

Indeed, our equipment is always adapted to the customer's car even when we call it "standard" but one of our main strengthen points it's the exclusive design and production of equipment for some prestigious championships such as F1