Equipment Assembly Area

The ever-growing production of Equipment has made ​​necessary an enlargement of this department and now has a well-defined space, due to the recent space’s reorganization. In this area, as in the others of our production, the experience of our staff is fundamental and indispensable and it has allowed us to increase our range of “standard” products which are almost always customized to be suitable for each customer's car. Surely, this way of working requires a particular vision and production organization, but that's our only way of working, as our main aim is to better satisfy the customer.

Moreover, working in synergy with some of our new external partners, in this area is also built special and complex equipment, developed and supplied complete with all accessories. In fact, thanks to the increasing collaboration with our partners, we are in a position to be able to cover even the most specific and personalized needs.

Furthermore, we dare have to say that special demands, require specialized staff. That’s why we keep reinforcing and assuring a high-qualified staff with a new Coordinator for the equipment production that takes particualar care of the high tecnological equipment with software, such as refuelling and weighing systems. And also with a new Coordinator for Equipment Customer Care, to improve our organisation in this area and to best organize also the maintenance services that are done annually or at the customer request.