Refuelling Systems

Our latest generation Refuelling systems have been carefully developed to offer maximum accuracy and reliability, and obtained the complete trust of top teams in the most prestigious championships in the world.

In fact, the Breda Racing refuelling bowsers are already present from several seasons in those championships, considered the excellence in Motorsport as F1 and WEC. But many other top teams in different high-level categories such as DTM, F2, F3, F4, WSR 3.5, TCR, IMSA, WTCC, Porsche Cup, Blancpain ... are using our refuelling equipment with full satisfaction.

Thanks to the close collaboration with our trusted customers in over 10 years and the perfect knowledge of the team’s needs, resulting from our 30 years of experience in motorsport, this particular equipment has been constantly improved and optimized. Nowadays, we reached the highest standards of performances, accuracy and reliability choosing high quality raw materials and electronic components and developping an easy intuitive software that works in a full colour 10" touch screen new generation top brightness,  with 5sc max time procedure for the main operations; all with specific attention to safety regulations, according to the main safety directives.

Our systems are CE certified and always supplied complete of all that is necessary, ready to be used; obviously teams can customize them according to their needs, choosing among a wide range of options. The latest generation software is easily updatable with a simple link or USB stick and in the main cases, updates are provided free of charge during the first year.

The range includes the Basic version for medium performances and the models of the Top Series line – now with carbon cover –, for those teams that need high performances and maximum precision as well as an accurate look.

Basic model: 140l capacity and 3 load cells. We have chosen to equip also this model with 3 load cells, with high standard specifications for accuracy, similar to those used for the Top Series version, instead of offering the usual and cheaper single-cell model,  because our aim is to offer to our customers a valid equipment over a longtime period. So do not be fooled by the name, because the Basic model offers excellent and above-average performances and precision.
Top Series model: 200l or 125l capacity and three choices for internal components (Standard, Plus or F1 configurations). In this model, precision has always been the conditio sine qua non  for us. No compromise. Only the maximum for this line of refueling equipment that allows a wide range of customizations in capacity, accessories and software to reach the most exigent teams demandsSee page TS Series
In addition to the accessories that make it easy to use, both models can be equipped with special trolleys to transport safely through the paddock, for those championships that have this particular need that would not be ideal for high precision machinery, thus avoiding of the possible damage of the load cells and therefore guaranteeing the accuracy of the weight.