Giorgio Breda

Born in 1954. He worked as a track engineer for numerous teams, from the old F2 and F3 to the now extincted F3000 International, Euro 3000 and Superleague, not forgetting “Il Barone Rampante (IBR)” and “Mythos” , the teams for which he was a partner during the 90’s .  It was in those years when he met Alessandro Zanardi, who was a rookie at that time and with whom Breda Racing is still keeping a special relationship. Apart from Alex, many drivers have passed through his hands, among whom Rubens Barrichello, Andrea Montermini, Max Papis, Vincenzo Sospiri and more recently Davide Rigon.

Giorgio has always needed to be able to fit everything together as in a puzzle: racing and work, job and racing. These two passions fused into one have made him the banner of Breda Racing, for years the “only” contact with the world "on the track" when technology had not yet broken down the traditional barriers of time and space.

For somebody he was a competitor, for others an expert colleague; the true is that he has always been more a technician than a manager, working with competence and ability to work under pressure.  For this reason, his skills to achieve a project and get always results, which are so important in races, has gradually forced him to reduce collaborations in track and to definitively abandon his work in races when the company started to grow.

Once the reluctant decision to "hang up his helmet," occurred in 2011, as it was no longer possible to deal with a continuous splitting of functions, Giorgio Breda now fully expresses his skills in Breda Racing and is prompting all the company beyond our consolidated market, making us say yes when we would rather say no, making us accept the impossible challenges or almost ... This makes him our Business Developer, able to combine seemingly incongruous goals and push us to pursue them with determination. On the other hand, because of his previous experience in Motorsport, the International Business is one of his domains.

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