Uffici Breda Racing

Breda Racing

In Motorsport since 1988 in a constant evolution. Experience, Technology and Passion for Racing!

The Breda Racing company was founded as a progressive natural continuation, by people who have made motorsport a way of life. The principal aim was to use our own experience gained through many years of working on races and make it useful to support racing teams and constructors by manufacturing car components and projecting specialized equipment for the highly competitive and technological motorsport world.

Our versatile and adaptable organization, deep knowledge of the motorsport requirements, consolidated production experience, highly qualified staff in all production departments, and a network of expert external partners working in synergy with us, enable us to offer to our customers the most adequate solution with swift feedback and short delivery times.

During these +30 years of accurate, professional and reliable work, our company has become a landmark for leading car constructors and teams. In the same way we do for Motorsport, our company can apply its know-how, technology and precision to the broader manifold sectors. Nevertheless, our core business and the motivational drive of our company remains Motorsport world.