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What are Cookies? Cookies are text fragments that sites visited by users send to their terminals, where they are stored to be retransmitted to the same sites for subsequent visits. Cookies are used for different purposes, have different characteristics, and can be used by both the site owner (BREDA RACING SRL) and third parties. Cookies facilitate user browsing and provide secure connections. Please find below all the information about the cookies installed through this site and indications you need to manage your user preferences with regard to them.

Cookies used by the Site. Cookies do not contain any information that can personally identify you. The information resulting from browsing the Site and collected through Cookies can be used by BREDA RACING SRL for the site management. Particularly in this Site are used:

Technical Cookies. They are Cookie related to activities strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the Site and which guarantee the enjoyment of its services, as they allow:

a) recognize the user's computer when visiting the Site;

b) tracking the user while browsing the site and memorizing their preferences, such as the language or number of search results that you want to view;

c) provide the user with an optimal view of our Site on the screen; This type of cookie does not require user consent, but is automatically installed upon access to the Site.

These cookies also include analytic cookies that allows to analyze traffic data generated by a web site. Data is monitored in anonymous way.

Non-technical cookies All Cookies other than the above-mentioned technical cookies are installed or activated only after express consent during the first access to the Site. You may grant such consent in two different ways: following the directions in the banner On the landing page of the Site (by closing the banner, or by clicking on the OK button, or clicking on any of its elements), or selectively, according to the instructions below. If the user does not interact with the consent form and leaves the notice by closing it or continuing browsing the site gives consent to all cookies. This consensus is traced on subsequent visits. Cookies at not condidered Technical cookies when they are in the following categories:

Statistics cookies. They are used by third parties, even in disaggregated form, to manage statistics. The BREDA RACING SRL employs Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc., for monitoring in aggregated way the use of the Site by the users. The users may block cookies from Google Analytics by changing his browser settings. This can have a negative impact on the full usability of the Site, limiting its functionality. Google Analytics privacy policy can be viewed at the following link: - Google Analytics.

How to manage Cookies used by this Site. You can always manage cookie preferences through your browser in the following ways. To know the type of browser and the version installed on your computer, the user can select "Help" at the top of the browser window.

Blocking Cookies Most browsers allow you to block or accept cookies. For example: - in Internet Explorer by clicking on "Tools", "Internet Options", "Privacy" and selecting "Block All Cookies" in Firefox by clicking on "Tools", "Options", and Uncheck "Enable personal data tracing option" in the "Privacy" field - in Google Chrome by clicking on "Settings" - "Advanced Settings" - "Privacy" section "Content Setting" - "Cookie" section ""Allow local data to be saved" (to give consent) / "Prevent sites from setting up data" (to block cookies) / "Block third party cookies and site data" (to block third party cookies and allow those owners)

Deleting Cookies You can always delete Cookies already saved on your computer:

- in Internet Explorer by clicking on "Tools", "Internet Options", "General", "Delete" under "Exploration History" and selecting "Cookies and Website Data".

- in Firefox by clicking on "Tools", "Options" and then clicking "Remove individual cookies" in the "Privacy" menu.- in Google Chrome "Settings" - "Advanced Settings" - "Privacy" section "Content Setting" - "All Site Cookies and Data" - "Remove All".

We remember that deleting cookies, as well as their blocking, may have a negative impact on navigation within the Site, limiting its functions.