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The winning strategy of a good teamwork.

Since 1988, many changes have occurred both in the world and in the company.  Our first change was a logistic on, or in other words, more production space. But even if space remains a regulr problem to solve due to the continous company increasment, our focus in last years has been to face challenges in the motorsport world and in the market in general also called for a more efficient business organization, as everything began to evolve much faster.

For us, the relationship with the customer begins with directing all our efforts not only at understanding what they are interested in, but also in offering them what they really need, studying specific solutions if necessary. This wish has also led to a new business organization and a new layout. In this way, the various departments took up new space and not only on a physical level: the Technical Office is becoming the brainchild of the company and is growing in importance. With it, that initially poorly-defined internal area that is constantly expanding, and that deals with customer relations, is becoming the Business Development department. All this expansion to increase the attention for the customer satisfaction and to consolidate our brand in the most important motorsport championships around the world.

What is defined by sales and technical personnel takes shape in our Production department, which continues to be the heart of the company. To complete it all, there also is the collaboration with a large network of external partners as in addition to our habitual suppliers, with whom we have a mutual trusty relationship built over the years, and which allows us to have a preferential channel in specific processes: laser cutting, tube cutting, bending, coating, heat treatment… we have been building a network of special suppliers, renowned in their area, with whom we have developed the possibility of providing complete equipment with their complementaries: software and hardware, but also carbon fibre, covers and flight cases.

Everything is supported by Logistics, which has established its importance over the years and ensures two fundamental elements: punctuality and safety in shipments worldwide.



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