The Breda Racing equipment is made with special care and high-quality material in order to ensure high-performance. It reflects30 years of experience in Motorsport, but also the diligence of people who have always being considering a well-done job a fundamental and essential condition.

Our range of equipment is usually developed from our own projects and adapted to each car, in which the customer receives the equipment ready to be used. Alternatively, upon the customer’s request, we can manufacture some kind of equipment exclusively for them, thanks to a close collaboration between the customer’s technical staff and our technician.

Always trying to offer the best equipment, the new range includes: Pit Stop equipment such as the classic Wheel Nut Socket – only in Titanium for our technical choice –, Traffic Lights, Quick Release Fast Jacks, and the imponent Pit Gantries. Moreover, Trolleys and Workstations for different uses, in special forms and dimensions, with details designed depending on the customer’s needs, and customizable Engine-Gearbox Trolleys such as the newest, completely foldable, Electric Trolley. We also offer Set Up Wheels and Pads, from our standard projects but adapted to each car or with a special project, completed with Set Up Bars and Camber, Toe and Ride Height measurement or reading systems. Without forgetting Refuelling systems, Air Jacks, High Precision Weighing systems and also... special and customized equipment such as the Pit Wall Stands.