Logistica Breda Racing


Punctuality in deliveries is a must that anyone working in Motorsport can't ignore. It's required day by day, even in the most delicate situations where there is no time.

Since the ‘90s, when our market was predominantly national, the punctuality of deliveries was one of our objectives. Nowadays, with internationals customers increasing, the Logistics department has grown, as much as other company areas, and ensures punctuality and safety in shipments worldwide.

This area encloses the unified ability of the company’s efforts to deliver everything within the requested time. Usual international shipping sees as its final destination all European countries and also the US, where we now have an exclusive distributor for the entire American continent. In addition, Japan, Middle East and Australia are not too far for us, and they are no longer occasional destinations.

The whole shipment process is monitored by the Commercial Back Office staff who takes care of everything until the customer confirms the goods arrival.