ufficio tecnico

Engineering & Design Department

When the company was founded  in 1988 the Engineering, Design and Technical department was a desk in the only one office available at that time.  During the years, things ave been changing a lot and this area moved to larger offices on the first floor some years ago. The projects and design team people is reinforced year by year and this department has become one of the company key areas.
Besides the traditional functions of developing the customer drawings for the car parts production, the design of our equipment is becoming larger and more complex as we are regularly expanding our range of standard equipment, always adapted to the customer car. Our Design Engineers are continuously connected to our trusty customers who give us their technical feedback and this team has also the important responsibility to incorporate those changes and improvements which allow us to offer to our customers an innovative, practical and efficient range of equipment. But one of our main and very important strengths company is the development of special equipment custom-made only for the requester customer in a close exchange with its engineers and technical personnel.
Based on these main functions, our Engineering & Design Office has always had four key areas: The first one is assigned to the planning, development and production of components, in a close collaboration with the customer engineers. Our customers of this area are car constructors that search this attention to the quality that contradistinguishes our company. This branch plays the important role of connecting the production department with the customer needs and for the parts production, it also ensures the proper quality and characteristics.
The second area is where the designer's fantasy meets the needs of the teams in all worldwide championships and vice versa. It's the most creative area in which the deep knowledge of the motorsport needs and the long experience in the track can make the difference. Here the experience of our senior technical people integrates the innovating skills of the design engineers to create top level equipment.  And here is where the quality of the project starts, giving priority to high level raw materials and components. Moreover the R&D functions carried out in this area drive to a constant  optimisation and innovation with also particular attention to details, ensuring the project functionality and in our standard range, the constant improvement as well.
The Engineering Department integrates the Quality production Assurement even if it's a Production subarea.
However,  the continous growth of both Engineering and Production areas required a new reorganisation of the Engineering Department as some technical functions  that were previously carried out by this Department needed to be divided. So since a few months, the function of development of CAD/CAM programs for the CNC and for the Laser and Waterjet Cutting divisions has officially been separated and integrated in the Production workforce. Therefore a new and specific defined function has been created to deals with the Development of the Technical & Productive Areas.