Making space for space

A new enlargement phase allow us to start

the 2020 with new spaces for increasing company needs.

The objective is always the same: More space and more organization, in order to offer higher efficiency.

In 2013, following our 25th anniversary (1988-2013) and as it was a cycle conclusion and the start of a new one, a general space enlargement has been planned and carried out in different phases. After, in 2019, there was time for moving the Cutting division in a separated area to give more space for CNC and to allow to integrate new machines.

In fact during several years we have been increasing our internal spaces, ressources and organization. First step of new offices was started in 2013, partly renovated but mostly new, on the first floor,  were the Technical Office moved in order to enlarge the engineering team in this important area and now the space for this department has been enlarged again. Moreover, on the first floor there is now also the Business Development Area too, which brings together the marketing functions and relations with International, Motorsport teams and also new customers. Therefore, Secretariate & General Administration, Accounting and Management Customers Italy have noe the total office space on the ground floor. 

Production areas has been reorganized again and after a first loft extension of around 500m created in 2013, now its space has been increased again with other 500m around, thaks to the space created moving in a separate area the Cutting division and with a new loft extension. So at the ground floor of the production spaces,  the CNC machining area has been increased, renewed and reorganized .  Besides, the Equipment Area - Assembly Department, obtained a bigger and best defined space. In fact, in this area, our increasingly wide range of equipment is manufactured or serviced thanks to an excellent synergy with all our suppliers and also with external partners in hardware and software, carbon fibre and flight cases. As a result of these special collaborations, we are now able to cover more specific requirements

As indicated, the Cutting division  moved in a separated area and a part of Waterjet machine a new laser machine arrived early 2019 to cover the biggest part of our internal production needs.

Breda Racing is intensively engaging energies in evolving an improving and that give us new energy and motivation.

pianoterraformation roomIMG 3332ameeting groundfloor