Fuel Rig in F1 configuration

The Top of the series

Over 10 years of continuous developmentand optimization of our Fuel Rig allowed us to reach the F1 championship and each year this product is more requested.

On one hand, our constant commitment and unabated wish for improvement allowed us to create an outfit to a higher level than that existing in the market. On the other hand, the continuous feedback from our loyal customers, top teams who have been using this particular equipment in high-level championships, has driven us to a constant improvement.

The result: a top line equipment. In this way, our Fuel Rigs have been present since 2015 in the F1 championship that is a symbol of motorsport excellence. 

FRM   Hf1   FuelRig F1 02

The F1 configuration allows almost total customization, even in its form, and is representative of our ability to adapt and accommodate any customer’s requirement,  an ability which has always been one of our company's priorities and has become one of our strength points over the years.