Weighing Systems

Ultra-flat weighing systems. High precision and, like with all our equipment, they are adapted to the car for which they will be used: Light Formula, LMS-GT and Rally versions, but also available in special version if needed.

Different variants to reach all specific customer’s needs: Portable with ramps for teams but also in "marshalling" version, or to be integrated into weighing platforms specifically designed for championship organizers as wells as our "Driver Scales".

For teams, we also propose the range without ramps, in single cell or with 4 corner load cells versions: small or medium size but always light and versatile, with a customisation possibility.

Our weighing systems are checked and calibrated to the standards traceable to the Italian National System of Calibration (SNT -Sistema Nazionale di Taratura) and they are supplied with a certificate emitted by a company authorized by Italian Weighing association (Soc. Coop. Bilanciai)

In addition to these systems, our Set Up Pads with integrated load cells, for setup but also for weighing control .